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New Vodafone Network | Central Coast | February Real Time Data Results.

I currently have optus and vodafone for the next 30 days which i will be doing some test for internet speed and coverage tests. This page will be updated as I do more.

All tests were done on Identical galaxy S2 Phones.

Test NumberTimeLocationCarrierReceptionPingDownload (mb/s)Upload (mb/s)
1Tuesday 5:15pmRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone41642.400.54
1Tuesday 5:15pmRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus4890.810.44
2Tuesday 5.30pmBeane St, GosfordVodafone31090.951.38
2Tuesday 5.30pmBeane St, GosfordOptus3970.390.40
3Tuesday 6.30pmBeane St, Gosford (Surrounded by bricks)Vodafone11200.230.3
3Tuesday 6.30pmBeane St, Gosford (Surrounded by bricks)Optus11120.410.81
4Tuesday 8:00pmBeane St, GosfordVodafone42480.200.08
4Tuesday 8:00pmBeane St, GosfordOptus41151.070.59
5Tuesday 9:30pmBeane St, GosfordVodafone41460.400.10
5Tuesday 9:30pmBeane St, GosfordOptus4941.150.59
6Tuesday 10:30pmBeane St, GosfordVodafone4871.851.40
6Tuesday 10:30pmBeane St, GosfordOptus41111.130.65
7Tuesday 11:30pmBeane St, GosfordVodafone4763.041.64
7Tuesday 11:30pmBeane St, GosfordOptus41101.300.57
8Wednesday 7.30amBeane St, GosfordVodafone4853.601.58
9Wednesday 7.30amBeane St, GosfordOptus41141.030.61
10Wednesday 8.30amRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone4832.411.17
10Wednesday 8.30amRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus41030.590.69
11Wednesday 9.30amRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone41473.411.12
11Wednesday 9.30amRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus4811.500.53
13Wednesday 11.45amLot 41 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville NSWVodafone41310.980.93
13Wednesday 11.45amLot 41 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville NSWOptus4890.750.52
14Wednesday 2.00pmRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone41442.770.63
14Wednesday 2.00pmRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus41011.110.70
15Wednesday 2.30pmToyota, WyomingVodafone41980.970.17
15Wednesday 2.30pmToyota, WyomingOptus4990.760.53
16Wednesday 2.35pmLisarow ShopsVodafone4784.761.39
16Wednesday 2.35pmLisarow ShopsOptus41041.100.52
17Wednesday 3.00pmOurimbah UniversityVodafone4963.231.32
17Wednesday 3:00pmOurimbah UniversityOptus31000.960.53
18Wednesday 4:00pmOurimbah University, South Class RoomVodafone1921.780.55
18Wednesday 4:00pmOurimbah University, South Class RoomOptusG Reception6750.030.04
19Wednesday 5:00pmRidgeway Road, Tumbi UmbiVodafone49270.270.92
19Wednesday 5:00pmRidgeway Road, Tumbi UmbiOptus41571.130.36
20Wednesday 6:30pmErina, Major Traffic Light IntersectionVodafone41602.301.00
20Wednesday 6:30pmErina, Major Traffic Light IntersectionOptus41130.450.51
21Wednesday 8.30pmBeane St, GosfordVodafone41660.420.05
21Wednesday 8.30pmBeane St, GosfordOptus4991.920.56
22Wednesday 10.15pmBeane St, GosfordVodafone21060.741.40
22Wednesday 10.15pmBeane St, GosfordOptus2921.560.45
23Thursday 7.30amBeane St, GosfordVodafone4761.600.37
23Thursday 7.30amBeane St, GosfordOptus41301.470.67
24Thursday 12.45pmWest Gosford Shopping CentreVodafone41512.941.12
24Thursday 12.45pmWest Gosford Shopping CentreOptus4800.390.19
25Thursday 4.15pmRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone41352.920.85
25Thursday 4.15pmRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus4901.270.54
26Friday 10.30pmEV Church, ErinaVodafone41551.181.29
26Friday 10.30pmEV Church, ErinaOptus4920.080.06
27Wednesday 9:00amRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone41383.671.02
27Wednesday 9:00amRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus4772.030.75
28Wednesday 11:45amRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone41433.331.5
28Wednesday 11:45amRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus41581.200.40
29Wednesday 1:00pmRacecourse Road, GosfordVodafone4851.350.66
29Wednesday 1:00pmRacecourse Road, GosfordOptus41361.490.99

Wednesday 29/2 – 12pm

Today i went for a drive from Gosford to Bensville and compared reception and data speeds the whole way. Reception was nearly exactly the same, 0-4 Bars. both services were a bit patchy going up and down the hill past Greeen Point Christian School, but as soon as i reach Kincumber shops all was fine. I was on a call the whole way and had no drop outs as well. Optus outperformed Vodafone (data speed wise) in 80% of speed tests along the way (probably did about 15 tests along the route), but once at a particular standing still location, Vodafone seemed to have better speeds.

Wednesday 29/2 – 5pm

I went for a drive from Ourimbah along Fagons road, then across the ridgeway towards Tumbi. Usually Optus drops out along 3 points along the Ridgeway, and so did Vodafone. Reception was very similar along this whole road, except for when vodafone did have reception, it did have H reception, Optus only had E or G. Vodafone has a new tower going in at Mount Elliot later this year, hopefully these blackspots will be fixed then.

Wednesday 29/2 – 6.30pm
I went for a drive from Tumbi Umbi, over the ridgeway and through Holgate back to Gosford via Erina. Vodafones reception along Ridgeway through Holdate was actually slightly better than Optus’s, had full bars where Optus had none or only 1 at a few spots. The biggest difference was driving through Springfield, at one point Optus dropped out had no reception, and Vodafone had full bars at H speed all the way through. Vodafone wins in this part of town. Speeds were also 3x faster at 6.30pm.

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