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The Most Useful And Best Android Apps 2012

Last year I posted a list of great Android apps since I have been using.

Read the 2010 apps here.
Read the 2011 apps here.

Here’s an updated list of my current apps for 2012 :)


2Do – The best to do app there is. I can’t live without it.
AirDroid – Send messages and control your phone from a web browser
Autodance – Dance and record it with this app and your dancing comes alive
Cartoon Camera – Make your photos into a cartoon.
Chrome Beta – great browser. but a bit buggy still while I’m beta
Domino’s Online Ordering – Online dominos ordering in Australia
Draw Some – Cool game to play with friends
Voice Recorder – Voice recorder.
aCar – Keep a record of all your car expenses and see statistics
Adobe Flash Player 11.1 – Adobe flash player – Needed to view flash websites
Alchemy – challenging game
Angry Birds – Awesome game
Angry Birds – Awesome game
Angry Birds – Awesome game
Backup to Gmail – Backs up all your SMS/mms/calls to your gmail
Beautiful Widgets – Good looking time and weather widget
Bible – Best Bible App resource
Commbank – Check your CBA bank accounts
Docs – Google document on your phone
Doodle Jump – Awesome Game
Dropbox – Can view all your dropbox files on your phone and send people links to them on the go.
eBay – Good if you use eBay a lot.
ES File Explorer – View any files on your phone and move them around.
ESV Bible – Fastest Bible app
Evernote – store your notes in the cloud and sync with your computer.
Facebook – Facebook…
Fighter Verses – Helps you memo rise Scripture
Flashlight – Make your camera light a torch.
Flight Control – Sweet game that got ported from iphone
Fruit Ninja – Awesome game
FTPServer – Turn your phone into a FTP server.
GO Launcher EX – The best android launcher.
GO SMS Pro – The best SMS app.
Here I Am 2 – Let’s your friends or anyone know your GPS location.
IMDb – Look up movies and who the actors are etc
Kingsoft Office – Opens all office documents.
Messenger – Facebook official messenger app.
Pano – Panoramic photos
Paper Toss – Awesome Game
Prayer Journal – Good for keeping a prayer journal
Pure calendar widget – The best calendar widget
Push Ups – Great push up app.
Quota – Good app for seeing how much usage you have used on your ISP or mobile. supports nearly every provider
RunKeeper – Awesome fitness app to see how far you have run
Screen Filter – Makes your phone go dimmer to extreme levels to save battery
ShareMyApps – This app collates all your apps and helps share/email them all to your friends
Shazam – records music and tells you what the song is.
Shoot the Apple – Quite a fun and challenging game
Skype – Great for calling on data or chatting on skype
SMS Scheduler – Schedule and repeat SMS messages to anyone.
SMS2PC – My most used app. if your in front of your computer alot, this makes your phone like a chat client. you can reply to SMS from.a chat screen on your computer.
SMSBomber – Can spam your friends with sms
Space Invaders – Classic Retro game.
SpacePhysics – One of the most challenging games for the nerds.
SpeedView – See how fast your travelling whole in a car, skiing, bike riding etc.
Titanium Backup – Backs up your whole phone
Trapster – See where cop cars and accidents on the roads are.
TripView – Shows all the bus/train timetables
Twitter – Twitter app.
UNO – Play UNO on your phone
Wunderlist – Great to do list
Zedge – Download free ringtones and wallpapers

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