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Archive for September, 2012


Review | Android Photo Booth App – Photo Party Upload for Android

This Android app is an equivalent photo part upload for android.

The app is expensive at $30, but compared to photo party upload that charges $30 per event its a bargain.

The app allows you to share photos from any gallery on a android device to Facebook and Twitter, requesting Login details every time a photo is uploaded.

This is my current setup for my photo booth.

My DSLR takes the photo, which then sends the jpg wirelessly to the computer.

DSLR booth software then displays the image on the screen for the client, and i have 4 images per client set up.

The Batch photo editor software takes each jpg image and makes the image a good size and jpg quality for facebook, then applies a watermark. (otherwise images take ages to load on tablet).

CIFSManager then mounts a share on windows that contains all these iamges which makes that folder on the computer appear like its a folder on the android device.

QuickPic is set to monitor that folder and all new images refresh on the device.

Customers can then share or email the photos using the Android App. Clients can then select a photo or multiple photos and upload them to their Facebook or twitter accounts.


If you have any questions please let me know :)