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Star Wars Darth Vader Hidden Talent, The Harmonica!

I’d like to dedicate this post to The Maverick, a big star wars fan :)


Free Hidden Electricity From A Phone Line

All you need is a few skills and your a way. I’m not sure how legal or ethical this is tho. 


The Invisible Drum Kit – Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean

This guy is amazing, very good timing on the beats as well!



Actual Footage Of The Chasers APEC Prank/Gag – 3 Top Videos

The Chaser’s War On Everything pulls of another sweet prank!! Although they might have taken it a little to far this time as they have been charged and may face 6 months gaol. Currently they are on bail till they appear in court next month. EDIT: An interview with the boys claim that they spoke with the lawyers before they decided to do the prank, so good news for chaser fans :)

Overall $330 million was spent on security and the chaser boys made it 10 metres from George Bush’s hotel.

Heres the best 3 videos of the action that i found: Read More ->


Youtube: Office Chair Jumping

When i get start working in a office, this is going to be the first thing i try!


Americas Got Talent – Yoga

 Watch in amazement! This guy can twist and turn his body in every single position you could imagine. Your gut will feel ill from the tangles this guy can get his body into!  It’s amazing the gifts God has given people.

I received this video in an email, looked on youtube and couldn’t find it.. so this is the first youtube video i’ve uploaded. Enjoy!