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Final Exam Mark Needed Calculator

Your subjects always seem to have different percentiles for difference assessments and working out what mark you need for your final exam can sometimes be annoying to work out.

Thats what my spreadsheet enables you to do. Fill in your previous assessment tasks and what they are worth, and my spreadsheet will tell you what mark you need in your final exam to get over 50% and pass.

Go check it and save a copy for yourself here:


Synchronise Facebook Events & Birthdays With Google Calendar

Theres a new app out on the streets, and its the cool!

It can add facebook birthdays and events to your google calendar thus have all these events on your iphone or other mobile phones.





  • Steps 1: Goto
  • Step 2: Allow offline access, sign in to facebook (if not already signed in)
  • Step 3: Now you can click the google calendar icon and that will set up a separate calendar for your events or birthdays OR you can click “download a copy here” and then import to main google calendar (goto step 4)
  • Step 4: Now goto Google calendar, Settings—>calendar—import calendar. Import that file and away you go.

Now the only con with the import function is that its not directly synced with fb, so if someone changes there birthday or event it won’t update live, until you upload the file again. If your worried about that maybe the separate calendar (step 3) is the way to go.

If you work out how to merge the seperate live calendar with your main one please let me know, cos this would solve that!


What is bing? Microsofts Attempt to regain customers from google

So you’ve heard of google right? Yea i thought so. But have you heard of Bing? Nope, i thought so to.

Bing is a new search engine, a new engine from the big guns, Microsoft. image









Bing is an attempt to win back some market share from google and on first appearance looks very much similar to google’s design.

So whats difference? How are they going to try and win back some people?

  • Well for starters, they give you a random big picture that looks rather nice. Cool. All i can say is more bandwidth, right?
  • Short name. Instead of typing 5 characters, you get to type 4. That will totally save my fingers and hands from getting RSI!
  • Searches are fasted they have ever been for microsoft, i did a quick test however, and google still won :)

My 2 minute quick conclusion? Stay with google…

For more info visit these sites:


Phaser Computers SEO Improvement

I’ve been looking at getting more clients and expanding my computer services business’s. I currently come up 2nd on the map with a google search but no where to be seen in the list of website pages.

I also noticed there isn’t much competition with computer services on the coast on google with all sites having low page ranks and not very good SEO techniques.

So i renamed alot of things and optimised some code and will be monitoring how it goes.

I’m also going to change the content on the site to be more streamline, the current wording and pages are boring and look like they were left from the template upon which the site was built.

Check out the Phaser Computers site HERE


How To Change Message Centre Number On Apple Iphone

Goto the keypad on the phone and type this:


EG. For telstra, type in **5005*7672*+61418706700# and call it. Now it should be set.

To see what your Message centre number is type:


For other iPhone Codes you can type in visit this link here.


Track Oliver (Olly) Hicks Rowing Along His Trip

Last month, Oliver (Olly) Hicks set sail from Recherche Bay in Tasmania, Australia, attempting to be the first man to row around the world solo. While he was able to row across the Atlantic in 4 months in 2005, this trip around the world will take well over a year.
Olly will be using the power of the web throughout his journey. Inside his boat, the Flying Carrot, he will have a water-resistant laptop and a satellite uplink, which means he will have access to the entire web and anyone who wants to surf it with him. He’s already started sharing his progress on his website as he begins his row around the world. You’ll be able to track where he is, read new posts on his blog, see pictures of him at sea, and watch videos about his journey.

The journey has just begun, join me and others following him on his trip @
Olly is about 220km southeast of Tasmania, and has about 28,680 km to go :)

h/t google au blog