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Track Oliver (Olly) Hicks Rowing Along His Trip

Last month, Oliver (Olly) Hicks set sail from Recherche Bay in Tasmania, Australia, attempting to be the first man to row around the world solo. While he was able to row across the Atlantic in 4 months in 2005, this trip around the world will take well over a year.
Olly will be using the power of the web throughout his journey. Inside his boat, the Flying Carrot, he will have a water-resistant laptop and a satellite uplink, which means he will have access to the entire web and anyone who wants to surf it with him. He’s already started sharing his progress on his website as he begins his row around the world. You’ll be able to track where he is, read new posts on his blog, see pictures of him at sea, and watch videos about his journey.

The journey has just begun, join me and others following him on his trip @
Olly is about 220km southeast of Tasmania, and has about 28,680 km to go :)

h/t google au blog

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