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Post Launches New Site

Smsfun V2 has launched! It contains a few new features and, from what I hear, more free sms are on their way! They have even bought and forwarded a domain of an old sms site,, to their new site.

Therir new community system is probably a good thing. "Are you ready to send some free sms or create some reminder messages for friends and family? Grab a drink, take your time and check out all that smsfun has to offer."

New Features Coming Soon:

– Higher SMS limits, up to 50/day.
– Multiple phone numbers under 1 account (currently available for VIP only)
– Send multiple SMS at one time.
– Free API access (maybe, theres still hope!)

I have still given them a ranking of 2 because of the $2 signup fee. Click here to read a review on all sms sites in Australia

Ranking 2: SMSFun
·  Full Address Book
·  Very Clean Easy User Interface
·  Multiple phone numbers under one account
·  Send multiple SMS at one time.
·   Full blown mobile community with profiles
·  Very Clean Easy User Interface
·  $2 Signup Fee – This fee is delayed at first so you won’t notice it. TIP: Signup when you have no mobile credit, therefore they can’t charge you!
·  5 SMS Limit Per Day (This will be 50 soon!)
·  Tells the user you added them to smsfun when you add them to address book
·  Footer Advertisment "FREE SMS from" in messages you send.

PS: If You Would like to subscribe to SMS updates in australia please use the feed link below this post!

  • smsfun version 2 rocks! ;)


    August 14, 2007

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