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14,000 Hits in one month.

Nope, im not lying, last months stats were the highest they have ever been. Heres some searches that people did to find this place.

uai calculator
nickname messenger
100m sprint
borat text tone
block myspace access
album ocean avenue
msn nickname tricks
worlds fastest violin – haha yea, you came to the right place :P
worlds fastest man – yep thats me :)
EDIT: Due to popular demand heres a graph. (click for full size)
  • do any of them return?
    how many pageloads?

    put up a graph!

    Dave Miers

    May 3, 2008

  • Ok done. Those graph stats are unique hits.

    For page views all i can give you is a total ammount from the start of the stats.

    32518 Ip Address’s
    128974 Page views


    May 3, 2008

  • Get a good metrics site like google analytics or stat counter and it will tell you how many people return. (Although I don’t know how much to trust it… Dave?)

    Hahaha ‘popular demand’…

    I had 1,444 Pageviews… pretty weak :P Guess I need to blog more about shampoo :)


    May 3, 2008

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