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Send Multiple Social Status Updates All at once!

Have  lots of networks with status’s that you wish you could update with a single click or a message send via your msn or gtalk? I’ve been waiting for digsby to add it to there feature list, but now we have another solution. Meet: is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap. Click Here!

Ping supports facebook, myspace, twitter and another 30 websites so you can keep people updated on the move.


Flock + These Plugins = Best Browser Available

Flock Home

I’ve been testing and using flock for the past month now to see if it worth while sharing with my fantastic readers. Flock is pretty much a social browser that runs on the firefox 3 engine.

Step 1. Decide whether you want to stick flock on a USB drive and take it on the go. If you want portable edition click here. If you want the normal version click here.

Step 2. Choose and install your plugins below, I have collated some of the best and why they are good.


If you have ever done a big download and your net drops out, it can be frustrating to start it all over again. This download manager lets you pause and resume your downloads at will. It also features an advanced accelerator that increases speed up to 400% and it allows you to pause and resume downloads at any time.

Flash Block

This little plugin blocks all flash ads, but dont worry, if viewing a flash object just click the icon and it will start loading like normal. Good for slower internet connections and saving bandwidth.

Adblock Plus

The Best ad blocker in the business, blocks all those annoying little ads plus those good looking girls you see in facebook ads. With this and flash block those nice looking women will never be a temptation again.

Plugins for the nerds:

Web Developer

Develop Websites? Then this plugin is for you, it creates a toolbar that helps edit css and find those little gritty changes you need to make. So many features it will take you yonks to fully work them out.


Use IRC channels alot? Then this plugin is for you and means you dont need to run a seperate program.

If it turns out your not a fan of flock you can always use these plugins for your firefox3. Do you have any other plugins that you use? Let me know if i convert you to flock and how you find it.


My 19th Birthday is today. The 5th of the 5th 08

Sooo, another year has passed and im getting very old :(



Windows Live Messenger Facebook App

No you can have your facebook friends contact you straight through msn via facebook without the need for them having msn. This is sort of like the last msn thing i posted, but runs directly in facebook. It also gives the ability to add new friends that sign up with the application as well to add them on your msn.

Click here for more details



Facebook Ajax Integrated Chat

Ok, this new feature was literally released as i logged onto facebook today. Now you can talk to al your online contacts right on your facebook site, it even works fine if you have multiple facebook tabs open. Already i have caught up with some old mates that i havent spoken to in a while who ont have msn and the likes. Log into your facebook and right down the bottom of the page you can see your online friends and chat with them. Remeber you heard the news first on!


Australian Christian Bloggers

Looking for other christian bloggers like yourself? Look no further and click here. If your not on the list make sure you add yourself.

You can also join the facebook group here